Friday, June 29, 2007

Of speeches and folios

Public speaking =D I went for the mini competition and... Not bad la xD It was kinda fun actually

"Chocolate fudge, chocolate bars, chocolate chips, wow!"
"Do you think he went through all that exam? NO!"
"The assassination in... Um... 4th April"
Removes mic* "It's like the end of life already"

And then... Something else. If you call anyone a pondan, this is how teacher responds:
"Chow Kit pun ada... Pergi tengok pondan di sana!"

Nothing much to blog about. Oh ya, folio. It's so dumb man... Nvm... Cheers

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


What a picture xD


It feels weird not going to school. Feel like I've wasted my time. Watching TV whole morning... These are some of the programs I saw while changing the channels xD:

Living With The Kumbai (Ok la)

Warplanes (Although lots of black and white, still cool)

Fate/Stay Night (Somehow weird)

Le Mans 24 Hours (Nice cars with ugly decos)

Where My Dogs At (Funny)

Kustomizer (Nice one)

TRL (Boring this time)

Inside The Pentagon (Boring but cool)

Ok... Finally some pictures.

My almost-done CF Board

This is how I do my homework =D

Delicious things

Weird shaped egg

"Claypot Frog"... Ooh

Little fella

Monday, June 25, 2007


Somehow I feel so weird... As if I've been a bad boy lately. Things are happening. Please pray for everything to go well. I just... Oh man. Boohoo


Fever returned. Not going to school tomorrow. Oh no...

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Drum roll*

I'm back. Healthy once again. Away from sickness... Wahahaha. Before that, sorry to those whom I somehow infected =P Guess I need to find a nice layout for my blog. Hmm... Gotta start things from scratch. All over again... My exercise routine and this and that... Been lazing around lately. Since it was fever that struck me, here are some tips to battling fever xD:


Duh it's all the usual stuff. This time my record was 3 days again. Always around there. Hmm...
I haven't finished my Geography. Oh no... Oh well. Thanks everyone

Saturday, June 23, 2007


This is my third post today? Whatever. Ok here's something about our spiritual life. I'll talk based on a Christian's view, and what I've learnt.

Firstly, God. The Almighty Lord who created everything. Somehow people picture Him as a great man with a great beard, but we don't know. Alright then, now for our relationship with God: Are you keeping in touch with your Heavenly Father? You may think: Oh well, God knows I love Him and He knows how I feel bla bla bla... BUT... You gotta express it, man... Tell Him in your prayers how thankful you are, how your day went by, and other stuffs. Not just your desires and problems and sickness. We are all people. God already knows what kind of things we're gonna do and things we're gonna say, whether good of bad. And He is ever-loving and ever-forgiving =) Please don't take this statement to do something bad you've always wanted to do. For those out there who hasn't get to know Jesus yet, it is He who first loved us, and He's the good shepherd who lays down His life for us =D See picture above. Have a blessed day

"Bring out the Hewson"

That was generated from the site below. Makes me sound like a superweapon xD Go and try it =D It's fun and it helps you to waste your time

I'm so blank o_o Still got Geo notes to do and... KH Folio! Oh no what the heck... Nvm. Today, I'll post random stuffs, mostly from the dusty files of my mind

"Tempat pertama... Leong Hue Tsin"

I used to hate Coke for it's burning sensation, but now I'm lovin' it =D

"Wah... Action ah!"

Somehow I think I'm not creative enough. Does it mean I'm an ungrateful person?

Laughs hysterically over someone's exposed underwear*

I used to write daily articles about my class 3 Arif in an exercise book along with my friend Saiful

If it wasn't for this teacher (I forgot name) I won't be getting 100 for my Maths that time

First gained Sushi as nickname during Standard 2

"You push him down I'll push you down"

"Who stole the cookie from the cookie pot~"

I rarely eat canteen food. Don't ask why

I used to be very skinny.

Still in shock that I'm selected as an Exco.

"Why you use flash? I'm not an indian la" - Racist remark by someone xD

I remember jogging with my cousin at Genting where a group of chics said "Hi" to us, and until today we're still debating over who they were actually looking at. xD

Almost got my finger bit by this fish at Wang Wang aquarium, when I put my finger above the water. Scary experience man...

The Farm... Place where I had lots of fun with church buddies, also the place the Alternative camp took place.

I remember how we used to fix mini Gundam figurines together.

My first 'cheeseburger' slapping by Cikgu Faisal...

Lots more to come... Stay tuned


Now I'm feeling much better. I got fever and a sore throat since Thursday and I had to go through all the Panadol and salt water. I even skipped last night's Youth Fellowship and today's Maths Camp. Also got homework to do... Darn. Somehow I feel kinda helpless this time. I dun wanna be irresponsible again. Sigh

Thursday, June 21, 2007


So I've been selected as the new Exco Keselamatan. It's totally different that how I thought things are gonna be. He's right. What the hell...

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

SMK Bandar Sunway

Welcome to SMK Bandar Sunway... School for the normal and special, good and bad, boys and girls... Don't we all just love it here? Everyday we see students coming late to school and skipping classes... A common sight indeed. Apart from that, Mr Mohan can be seen scolding students in the discipline room all the time.

"Tarda cigu! Saya tak tahu!"
"Jangan bohong! Beritahu saya!" Canes*
"Arh... Cigu, betul cigu!"

What about our toilets? The doors can't be closed. Well at least that's last time. Now there are doors again. Here we don't have a basketball court, only a badminton court and a takraw court. Our only field is currently under construction, for an attempt to reduce muddy conditions. Facilities are okay, I guess... Now some fans at the hall aren't working. Hot o_o The spotlights at the side? Once during drama, it was ON FIRE!!! xD And the stage curtains? Thanks to Rajendran (Some guy who rented the hall for a marriage ceremony), it's now disfigured, and recently a hole in the middle, being covered up with pins. =D

"Hey, mari sini!"
"Apa cigu?"
"Mana awak pergi?"
"Tada cigu, saya pergi tandas cigu..."
"Betul ke? Mana pas? Balik kelas sekarang!" Canes*
"Oww... Cigu!"

What is a school without teachers? =D The wonderful tutors with different styles of teaching of their own. Some are fierce, some are funny, some are wacky and some are friendly =) I will vote for Pn Malisa of the afternoon session for most friendly teacher and Mr Ravi Shan for most knowledgeable teacher xD (Those who had classes with him should know what I mean) So far, I don't see any racist teachers. That's good...

"Mari sini! Apa style rambut ni?"
"Cikgu... Ni gaya punk"
"Nampak macam ayam! Pergi cuci sekarang!" Canes*
"Cikgu, sakit lah..."

Nasi lemak, burger, drinks and noodles... Yes, our very own canteen =D Every day for 20 minutes students line themselves up to fill their stomach. And sometimes, they'll fight over who gets the plate with the bigger piece of chicken. After recess, the canteen becomes a little messy. Oh well... What is a school without prefects? =D Our very own Lembaga Pengawas... We do our duties, we get scolded, we get rewarded, we skip classes, we warn students, and we are one big family that continues growing =) Yes... I'm happy to be a prefect. Although the long sleeve uniform is kinda hot, we do look smart xD

"Macam ini ke pengawas?!"
"Korang ni, kalau pelajar komplain pengawas datang lewat, tak siap kerja, macam mana?"
"Kamu semua sepatutnya menjadi lebih baik daripdada mereka!"
"Sebesar mana ayam itu, lama-lama menjadi nasi ayam juga" xD
"We exterminate rempits and we serve the school"

Somehow today I got an idea for a new proverb: "The salmon that jumps the highest is the first to be eaten by the bear" - The one who shows off the most, suffers first. I just want SMKBS to be a better place. More events, more fun, more pretty girls xD Just kidding.

"Kamu semua ah..." - Mr Khoo
"Bohong!" - Mr Too xD
"Hi handsome" - Pn Malisa =D

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Human pride... I just feel like blogging this now. We all want to win, don't we? Whatever that may be: debate, competitions, who gets the last piece of chocolate, sports, studies, fame, talent and so on. However... Not everyone will win all the time. In a football match or whatsoever, surely one emerges victorious while the other will be... Um, you know. Ok... I gotta say my pride is in a bad state. Very... Although I give in all the time, I somehow... Nevermind. Ok so let's see: Common lines that indicate a high level of ego

"Hey, I think you're showing off"
"Don't give excuses"
"Just because you can't do it, don't talk bad about it"
"You think you're right all the time"
"Sorry to say this, but you're talking as if you're so good in it"

The impact on this, however... Is a serious damage to the individual. I felt it before so... Yeah. Two things: He/She will think others are just jealous of his/her inner talent. Or... Break down and try to change things. Everyone responds differently so I can't talk much bout it.

Sometimes I just feel like doing this... It's a screenshot from Devil May cry 4

Hari Koperasi

Today they sold so many stuffs... Mats for teachers, then there's burgers and ice kacangs... Also drinks and other stuffs. Today's duty was boring cuz the students happen to be good. =D Looks like maybe the drama team has to perform for PSS week. I wonder if 'the scene' will trigger some 'talks' xD. Currently having dinner, and I'm feeling weak. Yes... It's been nearly a week since I did my push ups, cuz of this weird feeling at my back -_-' Perhaps a check up will do. Bah nevermind that. As long as it doesn't affect anything. Hmm... Will be posting photos soon. Nowadays school seems to be so relaxing, as if it's after the exams. Today, let's talk about rempits again =D Those idiots are seriously annoying us all. I find them the hardest people to love. Honestly... But the rempit plague is spreading even to the kids. What is gonna happen to Malaysia then? -_- Dumb things... Today's weather is wonderful =D Imagine a scorching day where you gotta walk back home after school. xP I can't find any interesting topic to blog about. Nostradamus? xD My tuition teacher said...

"That guy wrote a book and buried it along with him, saying that no one should dig it out unless a thousand years pass by."

But they did xD And that book is banned in Malaysia... Lot's of bullshit will arise if it's released, maybe? Hmm... Somehow I think my school is no fun at all. Yeah... Again, thanks to the students and lack of fun events.

Trust in The Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understandings, in all your ways, acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight - Proverbs 3:5-6

Monday, June 18, 2007

Of prefects and tuitions

Ok... So I just woke up and got nothing to do. Oh well... Today many of us were anxious, wonder if we're gonna be selected. Those who we were not, are given a second chance... They can write letters. So, yeah... But I wasn't there that time xD Seems that the Form 3's that are gonna get Exco positions are Fared, Yen Yee, Haryati and I. Hmm... I need support from everyone xD Please dun think I made the choice. Anyways, another topic. Tuition... Used to be fun, but not anymore cuz of some reasons. Now then, just wanna comment on friendster. Somehow its kinda helpful cuz i was able to search for my old friends there. Hmm... Hari Koperasi. The assembly this morning was super boring, but the weather was brilliant =D Cloudy and windy a bit. How great is that? God loves you... Bye

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Stockholm Syndrome... Wow xD

Youth Sunday is over... Ooh... I just listened to Stockholm Syndrome by Muse, and it rocks until I almost pop =P Pictures =D Before that, a summary of today. It all went well, had lots of fun... Our performances went well... Dumpling festival at church too xD Pictures are in weird order, cuz I just knew how the uploading works xD

My Cendol

Before practice, during dinner

My dinner on Sat night

My prawns

What's pastor announcing?

The piano

The baby


What's going on?

Cool reflections xD

Some actions

More actions

Banana and dumpling

That's a bowling pin?

Blur pic of lone pigeon

Makan-ing pen xD

My lunch =D

On the way to the food court

Empty streets

Overall, the drum and guitar playing and singing went well. My only regret? xD Nobody 'extra' came. Haha... School tomorrow. Let's enter the school gates with enthusiasm! So you won't really feel bored. We go to school not only to learn ya =)

Saturday, June 16, 2007


School today was kinda fun, although we didn't really study. Hmm... Some students making trouble again. Practice for Youth Sunday tonight =D The sky looks kinda dark now. Raining again. I just woke up... Naruto chapter 358 rocked xD Why... Why... Why... We always ask others and ourselves this. Why this... Why that... This time, I'm asking, why is my school not fun? Lots of things learnt. And by the way, I was in a mini debate with teacher about studying history xD I said it was kinda pointless... Then we got our papers and I got 87, which was the same as Chanru, and... It's the highest mark!!! xD First time man... Haha. Talked so much today. Ok... School. SMK Bandar Sunway:

-Has an old fashioned principal who likes traditional stuffs only
-Has bad students
-Poor image due to 'gangsterism'
-Is no fun cuz not much events
-Not many pretty girls xD

-Has awesome friends =D
-Has a number of super cool/friendly teachers =D
-Has an awesome prefectorial board where we learn so much and have so much fun xD
-Has... Wow it's raining already xD Um... What else? It has me in it! xD Just kidding

Yeah... Perhaps its like this? Hmm... Yay Bleach manga 279 is out xD Til then. I'll try not to complain so much... I'm just... sad. Haha

Friday, June 15, 2007


I'm being hugged =D

I'm tired of works already. First art now KH. Aiyo... I feel so irresponsible for not finishing some stuffs and being lazy. Well, it's normal, at least... I spelled principal as 'principle' in my essay xD I think in one of the posts also... Hmm... This week's Naruto and Bleach manga still not released. And I feel like I'm not getting any taller xD Oh no... Nevermind.

"Got payasem on the floor!"
"That Rajendren guy very irresponsible"
"Look at the curtains!"
"They've damaged everything..."
"School is stupid for renting this hall for a wedding ceremony"
"Let's just continue our drama practice." - These convos during drama. Lemme talk bout drama... My first year participating in drama this year. It's seriously fun at first. Then serious... Then great experience. We won first at the zone level... The district level is crazy. All real good shows. Hmm... Oh well. There's always next year. I miss Sibu Island. The Cabanas resort... The bar... The dart board... The water... The jellyfishes... Good times =)

"Jangan benarkan pelajar keluar daripada kelas"

That was announced, and then...

"Perhatian kepada semua pelajar, esok ada persekolahan seperti biasa"

Ain't that dumb? -_- Darn... Below is the picture of the drum set in my church, next to it is the bass guitar =D Got nothing much to blog. No ideas xD

Yeah =)

Thursday, June 14, 2007


crazy... during moral, i found out it was way harder to achieve what we want. in studies, that is...

"only 3 ppl from malaysia go to harvard"
"stpm... 35 out of 75 000 only got straight A's"
"be the best in the country. simpe"
"take actual science then"

xD i dunno much bout all this. all i want is to study overseas and get my own ferrari in the future

F430 =D

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Kuiz Kerjaya

Everything went well =D There's one pretty girl too xD Too bad she's older... Anyways, today was great. Besides skipping class =P We had lots of fun doing this and that and talking and whatever.

"Sebesar mana ayam itu, lama-lama menjadi nasi ayam juga"

Nothing much to blog about. Everyday I'll walk to school, passing the ginger cats... Speaking of ginger cats, one morning while I was crossing the lane, the cat jumped onto its' usual spot. Both the cat and I got scared xD I was startled while the cat dropped. Then... Upon reaching school, I will cross the house with the 'ninja dog'. Then after school, come home... Recently I'll get to see this white pigeon. It seems to be unable to fly high up. Dunno why... Damaged wings? Hmm... I've saved birds before xD Twice I guess. One died. o_o

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Wohoo xD

Yes... Yes!!! My worries... Regarding Youth Sunday and other stuffs... Are fading... Hoho praise The Lord =) Everything seems to be going smoothly. To those who wanna join us this Sunday, contact me xD I'll see what I can do. School... Got two more papers back. Not bad =P Ease the pain of my B's. Tomorrow morning many of the Form 3 prefects won't be entering class xD Kuiz Kerjaya thingy going on.

"Ok so I guess all of you don't have to bring your bags. Cuz you'll most probably be here all day."

"Yes ah, teacher?"

"Yeah... And the best part is, there will be 36 schools coming and you can see girls"

"Wooo!!! ~ Giler la!!!" xD < Not me

My sleep cycle is returning to normal. Applause* Just got back from practice for Youth Sunday. It was so fun xD Hmm... 11.37 already? Gotta sleep. I'm starting to miss some stuffs. All the good times... This and that. Oh well. Better ones are on the way. What am I talking about? o_o

Monday, June 11, 2007

I'm being crushed

Hmm... My results aren't as good as I expected -_- Especially 74 marks, which is 1 mark away from A... Anyways, pictures =)

My messy curry mee
Some dishes at Jason's house
Dumpling at Delicious Kitchen
Food stalls closing
Jason's sketch of his future house xD
My sketch =D
Food art

Chocolate milkshake
Rice, toufu, fish and vegetable aftermath
Soup noodles

That's enough for now. I'm pissed with History extra work and my exam marks. Hmm... Have a nice day

Sunday, June 10, 2007

School's Here...

Went to my cousin's house last night for a dinner. Will post pics when I find some time. I somehow think I'm posting up a lot but I doubt there are any readers. Bloggers, link me please =) I'm yet to learn how to link people up. HTML codes are brain-wrecking although it may be simple at certain parts. Forget that. I think I'll stop posting awhile perhaps. There are many things popping up again. -_-' And I'm feeling a lil... Nvm. I just hope our school system won't get any dumber than this. I heard that our principle is very old-fashioned, only wanting 'tradisional' stuffs. What the heck... Here I thought it's the student's fault the school ain't fun. Seems that the principle is also behind it. And they expect the school to be a fun place for everyone? -_- Seriously... I gotta stop my last minute attitude. Sejarah homework two pages left but left untouched. So lazy... Please pray that everything will go smoothly for our Youth Sunday =) I gotta rearrange my so-called goals for this year. Since they aren't really as important. Now then... Let's talk about something else. Songs =D Here are some songs I recommend listening to. Some are old ones though

My Reply - The Ataris
Dance Floor Anthem - Good Charlotte
Stay Close Don't Go - Secondhand Serenade
Rain Down - Planetshakers
Champagne Supernova - Oasis/ My Video xD
Paperthin Hymn - Anberlin
Take Care - A Change Of Pace

I'm starting to get bored of my playlist. Oh well. Let's see what do we have in store during school session this week =) Perhaps some macha's and rempit people causing trouble? Whatever it is, I just hope they will change their attitudes to be better.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Night basketball

Last night's basketball game was fun =D Today I woke up with funny dreams again. This time it seems to continue from where I stopped xD Alright, something else to share: God is ever faithful and ever loving. He knows what's going on around all of us and He will make things right. Are you facing any trouble at the moment? Pray! =D Yes... God's ways are different than ours. We must trust Him no matter what it is. After all, He's our Heavenly Father =) And below are... Some pics. All taken with my hand phone so it's blur a bit

See the prawn? xD It left without finishing it. Prawn from my kuey teow
Cat looking at something
The Bak Kut Teh store in Old Town
Mata Kucing

Hmm... Tomorrow is a Sunday. Then there's school the next day =P I'm starting to miss everyone a little. Yeah... Especially my afternoon session teachers xD

"Dia boyfriend saya" - Pn Malisa, Form 1 English teacher

"Bohong!" - Mr Too xD (I don't really miss him)

"Holding hands in class?!" - Pn Lee Kim Soon, Form 1 Maths teacher

"Don't ignite the flame like that" - Madam Kor, Form 1 Science teacher

Oh yeah... Once during Science in Form 1, something happened. The Bunsen Burner I' using has leaking gas, and I went to 'pinjam' fire from another person (Which is very wrong) xD The flame was so big that time. Luckily, it was off before anything hangus-ed. Good ol' times =D

Friday, June 8, 2007

Good Game xD

You just gotta check out the video. It's Starcraft 2! =D It's gonna be released in October 2008 -_-' I am near to finishing my History note homework. Yay... Today was plain as usual. Watched some Final Fantasy clips. Reminded me of the good ol' times =) Hmm... I'm feeling hungry. Can't wait to see everyone again in school. I just hope there wont be any more homework seasons. Till then

"The 'go shorty' song really nice you know" - John Paul, on 50 Cent's In Da Club xD

"Nah, pergi belikan semua orang Slurpee" - Cikgu Siti Hudzaimy, on the day I had my first Slurpee after a competition =)

"And first place... School number 4, The Pearl!" - Our school drama won first in zone level this year =)

"Sayang, I know you're trying to make me happy... But you have to be serious! We're down to our last penny. I don't want us to starve!" - Fatimah (Dalila's character in drama)


Thanks to the teh tarik I had during dinner, I couldn't sleep last night. I slept at around 4.45 in the morning and just woke up. Don't try this at home. It's Friday already... Which means I gotta finish my work today -_- Feeling lazy...
Something else now =D I remembered the Prefect Camp during standard 6 at Eco Resort. Yes... There was Jasjeet, Shatish, Mr Guna xD Encik Sanusi and... Nvm. One night we were all taking a walk when we suddenly heard...

"Cikgu! Ada orang terbakar!" o_o

Actually it was just a fat guy who's fats are being oxidized. I saw it with my own eyes... And how teacher explained it. Flash your torchlight at him, and you'll see steam rising. That's cool xD By the way, if you're reading Naruto Shipudden manga =D Here's a good website > The mangas are uploaded weekly around Thursday. Hehe =) School's starting soon... Better prepare ourselves. Chow

Thursday, June 7, 2007


Atheists... They piss me off. In Youtube, I came across this video in the Most Discussed category. Guess what? They're all arguing there -_- Some guy talk as if he knows so well about everything. Atheists... Why do they deny the existence of God? He is the reason all of us are here. Don't come telling me "My mom is the one who gave birth to me" Yes of course but it is God that gave you life. Atheists... Real @#$%^&*~!. They're the ones finding all sort of reasons to argue back while they're just... *insert bad remark* Forgive me for being rude, but lemme tell you something. God loves us so much. Don't even stray away from Him. To all atheists... REPENT. It's never too late despite all the wrong things you did. God is forgiving. I edited this post, removing some 'inappropriate language'. Hmm... Sorry. Atheists... Won't they feel weird? As if just living for nothing. Study... Get a job... Start a family... Life is more than just earning money and stuffs. God loves us... So much more than we know. =) Peace

Some pics and stuffs

Pics from Tony Roma's... Expensive food, yes -_- But delicious =)

Blur pic of the restaurant's surroundings
Ice hockey
Pepper and salt
Baked potato soup
Bread with garlic butter
The NY Film Strip

Random stuff: Why are people emo-ing around? That's just plain dumb. I mean, it's ok if it's only awhile, but it seems like forever. -_-" Something happened. It didn't go your way. It gives you the perfect excuse to feel down and bad and sad over it. Come on, continue it and you won't go anywhere. "You can't soar with the eagle if you continue to peck with the chickens". Then you say... "You don't knwo what I've been through!" Who are you kidding? Of course we don't know exactly what's going on. But you forgotten Him. He who knows everything. God. We tend to break down, not knowing that letdowns are necessary for growth. You choose to be happy. You choose whether to withstand trial. You choose whether to go for the better things God has in store for you. Learned something? I'm telling the truth here. And I'm not saying I'm any better. Just reminders especially to youths out there who wants to achieve something. Stand up and start moving